Here are some documents you will need to get started with us:

Customs power of attorney

This is a limited power of attorney that will allow us to fill out and sign U.S. Customs and other federal government documents on behalf of you or your company. 


Importer security Filing

This is a form specifically for ocean imports only. We will need the Importer Security Filing form filled out and sent to us, along with your Customs Power of Attorney, at least 2 business days before your shipment leaves the exporting country and begins its journey to the United States. If you do not have all the information required on this form, we recommend that your foreign shipper fills it out for you. 



PPQ 505 form and instructions

If your shipment contains any type of product made from WOOD, Customs requires this form to be filled out. You or your shipper will need to fill out the PPQ 505 form and send it to us.